As an established and reputable business with years of experience in the leatherworking trade, I am able to offer a variety of services in addition to the design and manufacture of bridles and tack.

The handmade nature of my business means I am able to offer virtually unlimited options for tailoring and customisation. It also means repairs are entirely in keeping with the original leatherwork and fittings, often resulting in repairs that are indistinguishable from the original.

Tailoring and Bespoke

I offer tailored and bespoke bridle work services where I can personalise new or existing equipment or bridle work. This may take the form of revised colouring, decorative stitching & studding or personalisation to suit owners requirements. I also provide custom leather working service where I can design and supply one-off products.

Often equipment is handed on through families and friends and will occasionally need alterations to suit the new owner or animal. My tailoring service will alter your existing items to suit its new purpose or changes in specification or requirement.


Repair and Restoration

Many pieces of tack are handed down through generations of riders; indeed some are over a hundred years old and still serve their purpose well. However, there will come a time where a buckle is no longer secure or the leather too worn for the item to be used, at this point a specialist leatherworker with the experience and knowledge to effect a permanent repair is needed.

I am able to repair and restore most types of leatherwear and tack, using materials that are often indistinguishable from the original and returning a much used and loved item back to as-new condition.



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